You Got Me~ another lesson in patience.  Recently someone working with me on my music said to me “Thank-you for your patience Jam”  I wanted to tell him, I haven’t been patient, I’ve actually been pulling my hair out over here, stressing and losing sleep about this song but if you want to call me patient—ok!  Patience is not really my thing.  But I’ve learned the hard way that when you have to rely on multiple people to play a part in your success of completing a song, sometimes you will have no choice but to WAIT.  Scheduling musicians, studio time, engineers, singers, addl. meetings and whatnot can be challenging to put it lightly.  My original release date for the single: You Got Me was in August 2014, and now as I plan the release the Feb/Mar 2015, I am finally breathing a sigh of relief!  During the WAIT however, the song continued to evolve…

As of July, "You Got Me" had been heard by two different test audiences.  I was really loving the piece  and the audiences were totally vibing w/ it.  There was no bridge to the song at that time, just two verses.  One day, Keenan was playing some new ideas through with me and he switched up the chord structure on one part.  I said what is that?! I love it!   He said, he didn’t know but he wanted to get that in there somewhere.  I asked him to include it in the rough track we were about to record after the second verse and I would write something to it.  I took the song to San Antonio where my sister had decided to have a house party and let me share my upcoming singles.  The day before the party I was working on the song and I said to my niece, hey what do you think of these words? “I can’t breathe, I can’t think, I can’t be- without you, without you near me.  The heart knows what it wants and baby I want you, I want you I want you!”  She was digging it and the bridge was born.  I sang it the next night for my sister’s friends.  I tripped up a little on the new section but it was a non-issue.  They loved the song!

 In September, I was chatting with a friend/guitarist Thomas Crivens and he said- Hey Jam, why am I not on any of your music?  I said- Good question!  30 minutes later I asked him to put ears on "You Got Me" and see if he could insert some electric guitar.  It took three sessions and endless tracks but we finally got what we were seeking with the guitar part.  The song was truly taking form!

  Prior to adding guitar I got my singers in the studio.  While Deena was there, there was one part in particular where she asked, Jam- what exactly are you saying right there?  I asked Isaac to isolate the voice and we listened over and over finally I said ha-ya-ya-ya.  She repeated ha-ya-ya-ya?  Yep ha-ya-ya-ya!  And so it was!  I LOVE the studio! 

You Got Me- grammar?
I went back and forth with this title.  Would I call it: Thinking Of You or the next logical choice- You Got Me?  I kept saying to myself, is this proper?  Poor grammar is a pet peeve of mine but there was no way that I was going to change the whole song to say “You’ve got me”!  But when someone says that you pulled one over on them, what do they say?  You Got Me!  I’m still not 100% sure if it’s proper grammar or not.  I’m not really concerned either.  In essence it’s kind of raw because this kind of deep rooted feeling and regard that one person feels for another is not a refined and appropriate feeling but often one that is beyond our control and will.  I was watching a show called Being Mary Jane and she was completely obsessing over a man and my song popped into my head.  I thought, yeah, she gets it! The song says, “I open my eyes you’re there. I close my eyes, you’re there, you’re always on my mind.  In my dreams you stalk, in my day I can’t keep you away.”  That’s pretty raw if you ask me. So could I very politely say that after all of this madness in my mind that “You’ve Got Me?”  No. I think its just necessary to keep it plain and say "You Got Me!" That’s all there is to it!

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