The Single...2014

Well it's that time again!  I'm so thrilled to be going back to record this single.  As a songwriter, there is no greater thrill than to have music that I've written be produced and shared with the world.  As a performer, I get to grace the stage regularly, but as a writer, my moments take more blood sweat and tears!  Don't be confused, I don't put more stock in either.  I hold both gifts dear and thank God for them equally.  However, having another opportunity to produce a song is a mad adrenaline rush!  This song started as a bass line in my mind. So I sat down and played it over and over until a melody started taking shape in my mind. Then I left it alone.  Then last fall, I saw a wonderful sight in the sky that inspired the theme and words of the song. 3 weeks later I called Claude and said, "Hey I got the next song, when can I come through?" Claude added his magic and now we're preparing to bring it to you! Stay tuned for the next installment for more details of how this song has come to life!

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