Rejection and the drama around I Promise Forever!

So yesterday I told you I had sent the lyrics ideas back to my writing partner laid over his track. I have to admit I was a bit nervous to get the response from him. Because of the trusting musical relationship we have, Claude would not hesitate to tell me if he wasn’t feeling what I’d done. I had told myself I would just dive back in and catch another vibe if he didn’t like it. But his response was and I quote, “Omg, Jam I love that!!!! I couldn’t hear the words good but the feel of that is dope to me!!!!” And a song is born!
Rejection is a hard pill to swallow but your skin gets tougher and tougher as I am learning. Dishing out the rejection is equally hard. Markevius was not the first person that was supposed to sing the duet “I Promise Forever” with me. I thought I had a guy in mind to sing it. During rehearsal with him he really struggled though. Then at the studio, it went terribly wrong. Pitch and tone is very important when recording in the studio. Auto-tune will only get you so far. By the end of the session, my boys sat me down and were like Jam- dude ain’t gonna work out! I was like you guys are both in agreement? (C3 and I.D.) Yeah, we both agree. Well I’m not going to argue with you, I told them. I’ll let him know. My stomach hurt the next day when I knew I was about to see the guy. He was all excited, asking how I thought it had gone. I broke the news to him that we were replacing him, crushing his excitement. That was really difficult.

Claude came back to me with a few suggestions for male singers. I chose Markevius Faulkner (Day One/Jehovah God). I made a good choice but that doesn’t mean everything went great from that point! Back in the studio, I had already recorded my track so Markevius was supposed to come in, knock his stuff out and we were planning to move on to some other songs. As it was he wasn’t quite ready so I had to reteach some parts then C3 and ID agreed that his sound wasn’t matching my sound and that I should re-record all my tracks!! I was like what!!!?? So I did. But then Kevi was feeling all creative and whatnot and started loaning suggestions. Ooh let’s try this! And this! And what about this?! I was enjoying the process when I wasn’t counting hours and thinking about all the songs we weren’t going to get to! The song really evolved that night. The session that was supposed to go from 8-12 let out at 5:30 am with the sun rising and I had to go to work!! I went home got ready and went to work but by 10am I was sick with exhaustion and went home early! I was so excited about what we’d produced that night until Claude and I.D realized that the drums were off. Since it was recorded live, it couldn’t be fixed although they tried. In the end, Claude recorded an awesome keys and string version to go under the vocals and it turned out beautifully! Me- I just stressed the whole time but I trusted my team and we worked it out!

I started out talking about rejection. I got off task so I’ll save that Unblog for another day!

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