BLUE MOON- The story behind the song...

Some of the best songs have a good story behind them.  This is one of my best songs and one of my best stories. 

 The moon affects the tide of the oceans.  Like the tide, with all relationships there is an ebb and flow.  The flow is when the relationship is in the ushy gushy stage. Life is good, love is good, Everything is easy. The ebb is when the relationship is seemingly in a lull. It appears to be stuck, usually in a stale place.  The key to a lasting relationship is to stand strong during the ebb and await the next flow.  Since the moon affects the tide, the wait can then be said to to be for the moon to change the tide.  The Blue Moon is a Full Moon.  The full moon has the most potent affect on the tides-more than any of the other phases.  The Blue Moon is a wonderful phenomena when the full moon occurs for the third of four times during a season. 

I was excited to see the blue moon last Fall. It was big and bright and inspiring.  I immediately decided to write a song about the moon.  I ruminated for days but I knew the theme right away.  The tides. It had to be about the tides. 

Before the words however, came the bass line.  The bass line  came to me and stuck with me for days.  I added some simple chords.  I played it over and over again.  Then came the words.  The first verse came easy, then I called Claude.  We met and I shared the bass line line and chords.  He was stumped with the rhythm at first but it was catchy.  He tried to revamp it but I held fast.  It had to be the way I first conceived it.  I told him he had to build the rest around the original bass line.  So he did. C3 (Claude Hinds III) did what he does best and the song continued to evolve.  True to form, when we write, the process is easy.  We don't bicker, we vibe. We flow.  (A writing partner like this is a gift!) After that day, I wrote the rest.  The 2nd verse came easily because the story needed a 2nd chapter.  The first chapter is the "flow".  The 2nd verse is the "ebb".  The rest of the story is written by the listener, inspired by the adlib of the band. 

While working on the song, we agreed that we wanted another instrument in addition to the rhythm section.  We agreed immediately that a flute would fit the song perfectly.  We called up Gerald Morgan and he climbed right on board and was thrilled to be a part of the production.  With James Sexton on Drums and Doc Samba on bass, I really was getting excited about recording.  After a couple of failed attempts at rehearsing everyone together, I proposed to Claude for us to consider NOT rehearsing the song with the full band. Knowing that everyone was ready to roll, I didn't want to over-rehearse the song and take away from the opportunity to have an organic experience in the studio.  We went for it and the 5 of us met my friend and fav engineer, Isaac Daniel at the Memphis Slim House to record the first song for this brand new studio.  The chemistry was easy and natural.  The song flowed easily and didn't need but a few takes for the band to lock it in.  BLUE MOON was on the rise!!

Prepare for the release of BLUE MOON in February of 2015!


  • James Sexton

    James Sexton

    ...very nice.

    ...very nice.

  • Cynthia Gibbs

    Cynthia Gibbs San Antonio

    I love the story behind this song! Very well done!!!

    I love the story behind this song! Very well done!!!

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