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Jamille JAM Hunter and Mood Swing is a Memphis, TN based jazz band led by Jamille Hunter and Keenan Shotwell.   Jam is a dynamic jazz and soul vocalist who is making her mark on the jazz scene with her mesmerizing vocals and contemporary approach to classic and modern jazz.  This group was formed in 2010 and recently released their 3rd music project on June 17, 2017 titled "Sassy’s Return~The SV Project" The project is already in rotation on several radio stations.  The two previous releases contained original music written by Jamille JAM Hunter.  Mood Swing has performed at the River Arts Fest, the On Location: International Film and Music Festival, The Black Arts Fest, and the Memphis International Jazz Festival, Soulsville Music Fest, in addition to numerous clubs and venues.     





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Enter the Lounge Vol. 8 - All Vocal Chillout / Lounge by Jazzy Lounge Radio on Mixcloud

All of Me From the Tribute to Sarah Vaughan (2011) 18.8 MB

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